Push gifts are pretty self explanatory. Once you are aware that push gifts (or push presents) are given to mothers after childbirth, the “push” part makes perfect sense. However, the term, “Baby Bauble” is not only way more clever, it better represents the range of births—such as C-sections.

Push gifts are traditionally given by the father to the mother of the baby, and can be given either before the birth, after the delivery, or even in the delivery room. Although, truth be told, the mother will likely appreciate the gift more (and remember it better) if it is given after she’s had time to recuperate from experiencing the extreme sport of childbirth.

Baby baubles purportedly have a long history in England and India, traditionally called a lying-in present given to the mother who has recovered from the dangerous and often fatal experience. Currently, the gifts are given as a token of appreciation to the mother as a means of communicating the love and pride felt by the mother’s loved ones.

Some more cynical sources may suggest that the baby baubles are a ploy for presents. The gift is meant to convey the love, support, and pride you feel for the mother-to-be in your life. Whether you adhere to the tradition of giving jewelry or flowers, the gesture itself is more important than the actual gift.

Recently, many celebrities have embraced the baby bauble tradition commemorating the birth of their child with the standard—yet still sweet—gift of jewelry. Jay-Z gave Beyoncé a blue tanzanite ring (doubly thoughtful as their daughter’s name is Blue Ivy). Keith Urban, proving that motherhood does not necessarily require actually giving birth, presented Nicole Kidman—who opted for a surrogate delivery—with a Cartier diamond-encrusted trinity ring. Of course, Prince William embraced the cultural (and familial) tradition by commissioning a pink diamond brooch for new mother Kate Middleton. When Prince William was born, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a gold medallion and a charm with a “W” engraved in it.

Whether you call it a baby bauble, a push present, or a push gift, by presenting the new mother with a gift to commemorate the birth of her child you are giving a token of love that demonstrates your consideration of the blessed event.