The red rose is a symbol of love, beauty, and respect. The white rose represents happiness, love, and bridal purity. The beauty reflected in this symbolism makes the rose a perfect engagement ring motif.

Mark Schneider has designed many settings featuring floral designs, including the Flora, Garland, and Bloom. By combining flowers with diamonds, these engagement ring designs convey both love and devotion.

            One person spotted proposing with a rose engagement ring was Matthew McConaughey. He bought his longtime girlfriend Camila Alves a beautiful rose shaped diamond. The diamond’s edges are smoothed out to resemble a white rose, making it an eloquent choice. Mark Schneider has many beautiful floral settings featuring the diamond center as a budding rose. With our variety of settings and designs to choose from we can make your diamond the perfect engagement ring.

The Rose

The Rose engagement ring is one of the many beautiful settings Mark Schneider has designed. The engagement ring has a setting that displays the center diamond surrounded by diamond studded petals. The single band curves beautifully around leaving the focus on the diamond rose. This is the perfect ring for a blossoming romance, and a great proposal to spend a life together.

The Flora

                The Flora engagement ring will catch every eye in the room with its leafy setting accented with five smaller diamonds. With three additional accent diamonds on the wedding band, this wedding set matches up beautifully.

                Giving flowers is important in any relationship. Roses are for your loved ones and can represent a number of meanings. When you give a floral engagement ring you’re not just presenting an engagement ring for unity, you’re also presenting a gift that holds the meaning of love and caring for one another.