Should couples buy engagement rings together

In the past, men who planned on getting engaged discreetly shopped for and purchased the engagement ring for his soon-to-be bride. This can be a fairly complicated endeavor of secret shopping, trying to determine her finger size, and guessing what her style preferences are for both the center stone and mounting. Nowadays, things have changed. Recent trends show that couples are deeply involved in the shopping process as a team.  

This is a great topic for debate because there are both pros and cons to each scenario. On one hand, the groom wants to surprise the love of his life with an amazing engagement ring that will leave her breathless, which requires the element of surprise, without her involvement. On the other hand, he wants to select an engagement ring that lives up to her expectations and desires, which is fairly difficult to do without her input. So of course, the easiest way to make sure that she loves her ring is to have her involved in the buying process. 

Should couples shop for engagement rings together? Yes, we believe this is the best way to make sure that the recipient loves all aspects of the ring that will be worn for the rest of their life. Having both the bride and groom involved in the selection process helps ensure the best choice is made on this important purchase decision.

In the case that a surprise is desired, there are some other ways to receive valuable insight in regards to her style of jewelry. Here are some tips:


  1. Take pictures of jewelry she currently owns or bring the pieces themselves to a jeweler to give them a better idea of what she loves to wear.  This will help in determining her taste in jewelry, whether she’s modern or traditional, simple or extravagant.  
  2. Ask family and friends for any feedback on designers she fell in love with or specific designs that peaked her interest.
  3. Study her sense of fashion.  Try to determine whether she’s artsy and eclectic, sophisticated and delicate, or glamorous and ostentatious.  

When all is said and done, the decision is up to the bride and groom. If the bride chooses to be a part of the engagement ring shopping process, the groom still has a chance of surprising her.  One recommendation is to have her choose a small selection of engagement rings that she absolutely loves, as well as some center stone options that she would be happy with. Then the groom can select the ones he adores and surprise her with his selection.  

The element of surprise has a way of creating a nostalgic experience. Whether you opt to buy the engagement ring together or not, the idea is to remember this magical moment forever.  As long as you keep this in mind, shopping for an engagement ring will be an extraordinary experience for both of you.