Vampires, shifters, and fairies, oh my! True Blood is packed with more supernatural creatures than anyone could dream of, each bringing their own taste in designer jewelry to the viewing audience. The easiest (and safest!) way to emulate these fantastic beings is by embracing their unique jewelry tastes.

Sookie Stackhouse, the fairy heroine of the series, is a cross between ethereal and vengeful. The majority of the time Sookie is the sweet, polite-as-pie Southern belle, but every so often her primal magical side surfaces. Designer jewelry that straddles the line between caprice and chaos is the best way to capture Sookie. Pieces such as silver chain necklaces, earrings, or diamond engagement rings are the perfect platform on which to base your Sookie persona. Floral designs that incorporate organic elements—such as leaves, vines, or flower blossoms—are sure to make the wearer feel like a Southern heroine. However, tiny accents such as deeply colored gemstones—preferably purples, reds, and greens—are just the thing to balance a sweet demeanor with a more secretive flare.

Pam De Beaufort, the classic femme fatale with a tender heart, sports glamorous gems left and right. To emulate Pam’s vampiric charms, it is better to go bigger—big gemstones, bigger necklaces, bigger everything—and in Pam’s case bigger always means better. Pairing a marquise diamond ring with pearl drop earrings, and adding a statement necklace to finish off the jewelry ensemble is the Pam way to go when stepping out on the town.

Eric Northman, the godlike Viking vampire, is easily the most enigmatic male character on the series—first a villain, then a quietly kind-hearted king, always a scheming business man—one never quite knows what to expect from Mr. Northman. However, it is unexpected that anyone would want to emulate Eric Northman’s raw authority and charisma. For men looking to replicate Eric’s style, some men’s designer jewelry options are platinum men’s engagement rings that incorporate a solitary colored gemstone, diamond-studded cufflinks, or subtly ornate men’s necklace.

The most important rule for emulating the styles of True Blood is to wear your jewelry with a confident and sexy attitude.