The sun is high, the weather is fine, and summer is here. Along with the warm weather comes summer fashion trends like shorts, sundresses, and bright colors. Often these bright colors are reserved for breezy outfits, but colored gemstones are the newest fashion frontier.

Colored gemstones have become a trend for unique engagement rings among celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon, and Carrie Underwood. Yet these brilliant and beautiful colored gems can and should be utilized in all designer jewelry—earrings, pendants, and rings—especially during summer. Statement pieces are another designer jewelry trend being sported by the likes of Mila Kunis, Katie Holmes, and Lena Headey—and what better way to make a statement than with bold colored gemstones?

Summer statements can be made with vibrant sapphires stones that emulate the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean or with the brilliant teal and aqua colors reminiscent of tropical waters. Dark and bright greens stand out as warm and engaging accents that can add a touch of glamour to casual outfits or complement more formal cocktail attire. Vibrant colors are not the only way to make a statement with designer jewelry. Unique ring settings, gemstone shapes, and metal choice also make both an artistic and playful statement.

Designer jewelry that makes a statement does so by catching the eye. It makes the wearer stand apart from the crowd and marks her as an usher of the season—capturing the feel of summer with dazzling earrings that shine like the sun or platinum bands that resemble white sandy beaches. In order for designer jewelry pieces to truly make a statement, they must stand out in some way, whether it be with summer colored gemstones, a unique ring, or a bold metal color. 

Another way to make a summer statement through designer jewelry is with one-of-a-kind pieces, such as rings with asymmetrical bands that make you forget that the jewelry is not artwork. These artful and unique ring bands can be multi-layered or wrapped decoratively around the colored gemstone. Matching metals to complement the colored gemstones is another important step in selecting a statement piece. Energetic deep colors can be contrasted or complemented in order to set the piece apart from other jewelry. Bright summer colored gemstones like greens, blues, and purples can be paired with gold bands to highlight the gemstone or contrasted with platinum bands to create a stark distinction between the band and the stone.