Summer is the time for casual living, and your accessories should follow suit. The days are long, the sun is shining, and shorts have once again become a wardrobe staple. But what about jewelry? When it comes to wearing simple summer dresses or perfectly cuffed pants, accessories may seem like a burden. After all, it’s already hot outside and adding an extra layer of metal can feel counterintuitive. Resist the urge to ditch accessories until the leaves change color and follow our simple guide for becoming summer chic.

1)      Downsize

Instead of wearing oversized statement necklaces, opt for a single chain. Three rings on one hand might be elegant in fall, but for a day at the beach, one ring is perfection. Summer is the season of minimalism. Save the spectacular bling and over-the-top accessories for the colder seasons. Of course, that isn’t to say that fabulous jewelry is off limits. In fact, summer is the time to dust off your lightweight jewels or purchase some summer jewelry essentials and create playful, colorful ensembles. If you’re unsure where to start, check out the Carnelian Drusy Pendant and Pink Sapphire Brilliance Ring. Both pieces are elegant and timeless summer staples.

2)      Embrace the Season

Instead of longing for a winter wardrobe, embrace the season of summer and dress accordingly. If the day is hot and humid, put your hair in a topknot and showcase a pair of beautiful stud earrings. If the lightweight halter dress you’re wearing to a party doesn’t allow for a necklace, use a bracelet instead. For the best possible wardrobe, adapting to each season is critical. After all, knowing how to dress year round is the ultimate talent.

3)      Prepare for Fall

If the laidback summer style is really getting you down, then cope by preparing for fall. The summer season is typically the time that designers and stores begin to sell clothes for fall in earnest. Get ahead of the trends by planning for fall in July. After all, the long nights of summer will be gone much too fast.

Regardless of which season is your personal favorite, a balanced wardrobe and even more importantly, a diverse accessory collection is a fashion necessity. When in doubt about season appropriate attire, always remember that it’s exceptionally difficult to go wrong with diamonds or pearls.