This year, summer is all about fun. From days by the pool to extended travel, there seems to be an endless supply of enjoyable summertime activities ahead. Luckily, the warm weather theme of play is visible in accessories as well. In fact, it is particularly apparent in summer earring trends. As you relax at the beach, enjoy the long nights and unwind from the daily grind, try incorporating these playful trends into your wardrobe. With summer inspired earrings, you’re guaranteed to spread the season’s cheer.

1)      Get the Skinny

Chunky accessories have been extremely fashionable for the past few years.  Oversized necklaces, thick bracelets, and even large rings have stolen the show. But this summer, that will all change. In the world of jewelry, skinny is the new big. From thin, layered necklaces to tiny, stackable rings, skinny is in. For earrings, the summertime trend can be summed up in one word: delicate. Instead of opting for large earrings that commandeer your entire face, try smaller earrings instead. 

2)      Green with Envy

Summer is the season of green. Lush grass grows by the barrel and the natural world is especially bright under the relentless summer sun. This season, don’t let nature have all the fun. Incorporate green hued accessories to create a colorful and unique summer wardrobe. Regardless of whether your favorite hue is neon green, forest green, or somewhere in between, try your hand at green accessories this summer. Earrings are the perfect accessories in which to incorporate color because they are as visible or hidden as you wish, thanks to different hairstyles. Whether you want a simple pop of color or are aiming for a full-blown green takeover, earrings are ideal. 

3)      The Future is Now

Futuristic jewelry is everywhere: geometric shapes, sleek silver colors, and daring designs. Summer is the time to incorporate the future into your jewelry collection. Whether you want to start small with a pair of asymmetrical earrings or go bold with silver geometrics, try your hand at futuristic jewelry. It’s guaranteed to be fun.