Jewelry Trends for Summer 2014

With each new season there are new trends. This summer, the trends follow the weather’s lead. The sun is shining, the beaches are full and the days feel lazy and long, and the jewelry is both playful and provocative. Enjoy the full magic of summer by accessorizing accordingly.

1) Rough Cut

Rough-cut, or raw, stones are incredibly popular this season. Providing an effortless style boost, accessories with raw-looking stones are a simple way to add flair to an otherwise simple outfit. During the season of heat waves and pounding sun, ease is particularly important. Paired with a basic cotton dress or skirt, rough-cut jewelry adds bohemian confidence. If boho isn’t your style, but rough-cut still sounds intriguing, keep an eye out for slightly altered styles. For example, the Carnelian Drusy Pendant preserves the natural shape of the stone, but has a smooth gold finish around the edge.

2) Extra Large Gold

Gold is a particularly beautiful color for summer because of its warmth and sheen. This season, gold accessories are getting an upgrade. Whether you choose earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, extra large gold additions are everywhere this summer. When wearing oversized jewelry, don’t shy away from bold or patterned clothes. In winter and fall, fashion is naturally more subdued due to the temperature, but summer is the time for fun designs and mixed prints. Feel free to pair a chunky gold necklace with a polka dot top or floral pants. However, when wearing more than one oversized accessory, proceed with caution. Although there are exceptions, one statement piece is usually sufficient.

3) Industrial

Incorporating everything from links to chains and from circles to intentionally unfinished details, industrial-style jewelry is all about channeling the contemporary. Pieces that fall under “industrial” are strong and can stand alone. However, industrial does not equate to a lack of elegance. The Voyage Onyx Pendant seamlessly channel industrial-style design. For best results, pair industrial-style jewelry with simple prints and patterns. The ultimate key to wearing these accessories is confidence. Embrace the fact that this is an eye-catching trend and enjoy the attention.

Above all, remember that summer is a time of rejuvenation and relaxation. Allow your wardrobe to reflect this delightful season, in whatever manner you see fit.