Summer trends abound when it comes to designer jewelry. There are certain seasonal go-to styles to keep in mind when the sun shines and temperatures rise. Along with the vibrant tones of colored gemstone jewelry, there are custom jewelry styles that are perennial favorites for the summer season—specifically nautical and floral styles.

Nautical styles allude to the good old sailing days that most of us have never actually experienced; however, the accessories are undeniably adorable and hard to reject. Who doesn’t secretly want to sport a bejeweled octopus pendant or endearing anchor earrings? Starfish are also a gorgeous and trendy nautical design choice. For those interested in adorning themselves with something more subtle, pearls—earrings, necklaces, or rings—are a must. Pearls are the ideal nautical accent for those interested in a simple yet sophisticated piece that hints at the summer trend.

Floral designs are another summer standard for designer jewelry trends. Colored gemstone jewelry combines perfectly with floral designs while also channeling the feeling of summer. Wrap-around flower rings, necklaces that incorporate the image or shape of leaves, or even earrings that resemble flower blossoms are classic examples of summer floral styles. However, for more daring individuals, floral pieces can be forgone for fauna-inspired jewelry designs. Some standard animal jewelry designs for the sunny season are lizards, snakes, and parrots—animals reminiscent of the warm weather of summer. However, there is no need to stick with the standards and play it safe. The latest animal trend in the jewelry department is turtles. More daring individuals may opt for insect and flower combinations like bees and blossoms, butterflies and rose buds. Whether these animal and floral motifs are incorporated as a necklace or earring design, they add a playful element to every summer outfit.  

Along with the shorter hemlines, brighter colors, and seasonal themes of summer comes the question of how to incorporate jewelry when the weather is less than comfortable. There is nothing worse than trying to look put-together when it’s hotter than an oven outside. The best way to incorporate jewelry in the summer is to add unobtrusive pieces to whatever outfit you have planned. One example is the incorporation of dangling earrings—an excellent jewelry style because they are best paired with a hairstyle that pulls hair away from the face. Ponytails, top-knots, or low buns not only function to display whatever summer earrings you’re wearing but also serve the pragmatic purpose of cooling you down. This summer it’s possible to be both cool and hot!