Summer is the season of the sun. The days are long, luxurious, and warm. Heavy clothes are abandoned in favor of light dresses, tiny swimsuits and thin poolside cover-ups. Although it may seem like jewelry has no place in the heat filled world of summer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Summertime and jewelry is a match made in accessory heaven. Because the weather is different, clothing styles have changed and the overall mood is uplifted, summer is a unique time for accessories. In fact, it is a time to experiment and have fun with jewelry. To incorporate some summer lovin’ into your jewelry collection, try your hand at the trends below.

1)      Gold Hues

Gold has been making a comeback for the past few years and it appears that it’s here to stay. Although white gold is popular for summer and should be utilized to your heart’s content, it’s also important to note that yellow golden hues are perfect for the summer as well. Summer days are filled with golden sunlight and skin is tanned to a golden brown, so it makes perfect sense that yellow gold is a popular jewelry color this summer. To embrace this trend, opt for gemstone jewelry that is orange or yellow. Citrine, colored diamonds, and fire opals are perfect stones to start with.

2)      Mixing Colors

Although golden hues will be popular this summer, the other colors are a free for all. In fact, the number one jewelry trend for summer 2015 will be mixing and matching colored accessories. Pink, blue, and green will be appearing on the same arm in the form of colorful bracelets, and earrings will be paired with necklaces that are a different hue. If you’re unsure of how to pair different colors, utilize a color wheel and start with complementary colors. In the realm of accessories, complementary colors are two colors that are direct opposites and therefore create a strong yet visually appealing contrast.

3)      Re-imagined Pearls

Pearls are no longer for galas and business meetings. This summer, they’ll be spotted everywhere. However, pearls have gotten a facelift and although traditional cuts and colors will always be a wardrobe classic, there are also new pearls on the scene. From black pearls to oversized pearls and everything in between, these precious stones will be a hot accessory for summer 2015.