Summer is a season for bold moves. If you’re looking for proof, then look no further than the natural world. During the summer months, the sun shines brighter than ever before and the days are endless. Flowers look especially gorgeous as the sun’s beams highlight their natural beauty. Take a hint from nature this season and opt for jewelry pieces that are bold in color. From dark reds to light oranges, this summer will be bursting with color. To jump on the color train, try the beautiful colors below.


Red is the color of love. But this summer, red has been rebranded, and will serve as the new mascot of summertime fun. From deep red brooches to red earrings with an undertone of orange, red will be making a splash. To incorporate red in your wardrobe, opt for pieces that are simple and light. After all, the summer months are all about movement and exploration. Small drop earrings and a fashion ring are the perfect pieces to begin with. In fact, the Contemporary Fire Opal Ring would be ideal for a warm summer day. 


This summer, orange hues will be more than a popsicle color at the pool concession stand—they will be one of the hottest summertime jewelry tones. When choosing orange hued gemstone jewelry, it’s important to note your skin tone. For darker skin tones, light or translucent colors are absolutely stunning. For lighter skin tones, it’s best to opt for a darker orange so the color is able to pop. It’s also important to note that a major trend this summer is mix-and-match. The runways were alight with mismatched earrings and layered necklaces that were different colors. To incorporate the runway in your everyday, try mixing orange and red. The colors are similar enough that it won’t be shocking, but they are also different enough that it will look edgy and on-trend.


Although green is often reserved for springtime festivities, this year, green is synonymous with summer. Don’t be green with envy when your friends are sporting gorgeous green jewelry. Instead, join the fun! When choosing green gemstone jewelry for the summer, be sure to experiment with different shades. Although light green is always stunning, dark green hues can pack a surprising and delightful punch.