The animal-themed trend hit the fashion scene mid-spring of 2013, but it is still thriving and evolving into the fall. There is a wide range of options for fashionistas to choose from, varying from the delicate to the ornate.

Animals are also taking over every type of jewelry—rings, earrings, and necklaces. It doesn’t matter what type of jewelry you are interested in, there is likely an animal style waiting for you to try. Owl-themed jewelry is holding steady as a favorite jewelry genre, but more woodland creatures are becoming a new favorite among stylists. Rabbits, deer, mice, foxes, and horses are adorable and friendly animal favorites that are taking the fashion world by storm. However, exotic animals and predators are also becoming quite popular.

Panthers, wolves, and snakes are fast becoming the most desirable jewelry accessory. Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Florence Welch have all been spotted donning snake jewelry—from necklaces to rings—projecting an aura of mystery and glamour.

There are a few different styles of animal-themed jewelry including animals stacked on rings, animal wrap-around rings and necklaces, and animal profiles cut into coins. Animal charms ranging from the cutesy to the macabre allow for interesting and versatile looks to try out before selecting what works best for you.  

Certain animal designs include animal bones rather than images of animals. Other styles opt to bejewel the silhouette, whether they only incorporate jewels as the eyes of the animal or give texture to the metal to mimic the coat or color of the animal. Depending on the look you’re interested in some of these trends will appeal to you more than others. However, certain options lend well to specific genres of fashion. For instance, animal bones will lend extremely well to a punk or gothic look, while a bedazzled wrap-around snake ring or necklace adds a dash of noir glamour to your favorite little black dress.

Whatever style you choose to embrace, ultimately you are the ringmaster of this jewelry trend. Step into the spotlight and take the lead of this fantastic fall trend.