Engagement rings are a tricky business. From the cut to the color, and the clarity to the carat, there are countless decisions to be made. But perhaps the biggest decision of all is ring style. For engagement ring designs there are four dominant styles: contemporary, floral, traditional, and vintage. Floral engagement rings boast unique designs that truly convey the essence of love. In order to grow flowers, you must be patient, committed, and careful. Successful relationships require the same dedication and devotion, so floral-inspired and flower shaped engagement rings are the perfect way to convey everlasting love. When it comes to design, floral engagement rings typically possess at least one of the following: vines, unique bands, or flower halos.

1)      Petals

Surprisingly, not all floral engagement rings actually have flowers. In fact, one of the most popular floral designs is a vine. Vines can be incorporated on the ring’s band through diamond details and even with engravings. Vines are a subtle way to incorporate floral design because they create an understated flowery feel. The most popular use of vines in floral engagement rings is as an enhancement or frame for the central diamond. The Rosebud engagement ring utilizes petals and leaves to further showcase the main stone.

2)      Unique Bands

When it comes to floral style engagement rings, bands are more than circular support systems; they’re elegant style pieces. Whether the band is skinny and understated—in an effort to recreate real life flower stems—or the ring incorporates leaves set with diamonds, it’s all about the details. Often metal in the rings is crafted to create the look of budding leaves that emerge from the ring’s band. The appropriately titled engagement ring Petal, showcases circular petals encircling a central diamond like a bud.

3)      Flower Halo

Halo style engagement rings are arguably the current most popular ring on the market. Instead of the traditional halo of smaller diamonds circling the central diamond, opt for a far more unique design and try a flower halo. Engagement rings with flower halos still utilize a circle of diamonds, but instead of merely the illusion of a larger central piece, flower halos also create the elegant look of a flower. In the same way that petals encircle a flower bud, the flower halo engagement ring has smaller diamonds that circle the central “bud,” or diamond, and create the effect of a sparkling flower on your finger. For an effortlessly romantic and timeless look, floral engagement rings are the clear choice.