Summer is here and it’s time to dress for it. Whether your summer days are spent huddled by the air conditioning, lying by the pool or playing with your children, it’s time to celebrate the warmest months of the year. The days of spring showers have finally passed and the cold months of winter are still far away. Now is the time to bask in the heat and wear beautifully bright colors. Luckily, stunning hues are no longer limited to clothing. This summer season is all about colorful jewelry. From deep blues to bright oranges, your wardrobe is guaranteed to get a festive lift. To join the color revolution, incorporate the colors below.

1) Blue
The color blue is having a moment. From gorgeous handbags to stunning heels, it seems as if blue accessories are everywhere. But perhaps the biggest arena they’ve overtaken is jewelry. This year, summer is the season of blue. Luckily for us, the blue takeover isn’t limited to one shade. Instead, blue jewelry ranges from dark and deep to light and turquoise. The sky is the limit when it comes to blue jewelry. Whether you’re in the market for a more subdued piece of jewelry that is dark and understated, or you’d prefer a piece that is bright and playful, blue is the color for you.

2) Orange
Orange is a summer color. Reminiscent of the sun and sand-filled summer days, it seems as if orange is the perfect color for summertime fun. Luckily, it is also one of the top three colors this season. Whether you opt for orange gemstone earrings, a stunning ring or a simple pendant, be sure to wear your orange hued accessories with pride. If you’re unsure of where to start with orange accessories, try the beautiful and versatile Fire Opal Cluster Earrings. You’re sure to be a summer hit.

3) Eggshell
For many people, “eggshell” is a confusing term, but the truth is that it’s shockingly simple. “Eggshell” refers to a color that is off-white, and this summer, that color should be part of your jewelry collection. Whether you prefer eggshell colored pearls or a stunning quartz pendant, off-white should be a wardrobe staple during the warm months. Not only does eggshell create a nice contrast with tanned skin, but also it is incredibly versatile. It matches every possible color.