Shopping for friends can be extremely difficult. It is hard to find a gift that the receiver is actually going to use or something that they are actually going to want. It becomes even more difficult to buy a gift when the item is on the pricier end of the gift-giving spectrum. When buying a friend something as expensive as designer jewelry it is important to adhere to certain rules. Here are the specific Dos and Don’ts.

DO consider designer jewelry for a friend you have known for several years. If you have known this friend since college, chances are you will be friends for years to come. Also, having known a friend over the course of a few years gives you better insight into the kind of designer jewelry they will like, such as colored gemstones, designer rings, or gemstone pendants.

DON’T buy designer jewelry for a friend on the spur of the moment. Buying designer jewelry is a big decision when you buy it for yourself, let alone for a friend. Before investing the money on a spontaneous purchase, make sure it is a present that you are sure your friend will love and that you will not regret purchasing.

DO select a piece of jewelry that both compliments your friend’s personality and style, not necessarily something that you think you might like for yourself.

DON’T buy your friend designer jewelry to make up for a fight or indiscretion. Buying such a lavish gift will give the impression that you are trying too hard to solve the issue because you feel guilty and that you are trying to buy your friend’s forgiveness.

DO buy something that reminds your friend of the relationship that you two have shared over the years. Whether it is a necklace with a charm that reminds her of an adventure that you two went on, or earrings that will make her feel like her favorite celebrity, make sure the piece of designer jewelry that you choose holds some significance.

DON’T buy something that is drastically outside your friend’s price range. If your friend could not reciprocate the purchase because of their financial situation, it might not be the best idea to buy the piece of designer jewelry. While you would be buying the jewelry as a kind gesture to show your friend how much you appreciate her, it might come as a slap in the face buying something too extravagant for her to reciprocate the purchase if she felt so inclined.

So long as you abide by these Dos and Don’ts, giving the gift of designer jewelry will be a fun way to shake things up and put a gigantic smile on your friend’s face. And who knows, you might want to buy matching jewelry for you and your friend.