When it comes to gorgeous rings, nails are the supporting act, but that doesn’t make them any less crucial. In fact, if there’s one lesson that the glamorous world of Hollywood has imparted, it’s that a talented supporting actor enables a star to shine. Whether you’re interested in showcasing a stunning new engagement ring or you’re simply aiming to highlight an exceptional cocktail ring, the right manicure will make all the difference.

After breathlessly responding, “Yes,” the true fun begins: showing off your beautiful jewel. French manicures are considered the traditional style for both brides-to-be and brides, but if you’re feeling bold, consider these trendsetting alternatives.

What goes best with engagement ring sparkle? More sparkle, of course. By adding a pop (or two) of sparkle to your nails, the bling in your engagement ring will be able to truly shine. If too much sparkle sounds overwhelming, opt for nude polish with silver glitter. Instead of all-over shine, simply place a coat of silver sparkles on the bottom half of your nails. The hint of glitter on your nail beds will result in a prefect mixture of classic and contemporary that adds to the beauty of your ring. To get the perfect fade effect, pick a nail polish that contains both small and chunky pieces of glitter because the contrast will ensure the fade looks natural. When paired with a stunning engagement ring like Lace, this manicure is guaranteed to be the best supporting act around.

For a manicure with even more shine, try pairing a white base coat with all-over silver glitter. Paint each nail with a glitter coat from top to bottom. However, save your ring fingers for last. Horizontal stripes on each ring finger nail will create a dramatic backdrop for your sparkling diamond. Add five thin silver stripes on each nail, and your manicure is guaranteed to dazzle—almost as much as your new ring!

When it comes to cocktail rings or gemstone rings in general, manicures are equally important. Highlight your stunning accessory with the perfect nail color, and you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball. The top three manicure tactics are surprisingly simple: nude, matching and pop of color. Nude nails allow color gemstones to truly steal the show by gracefully taking the backseat. However, matching your nail color to the color of ring’s gemstone highlights the gemstone by complementing it. Lastly, choosing a deep red or turquoise as a pop of color draws attention to your nails and as a result, your beautiful gemstone ring as well.

Regardless of color or design, rings and manicures are a dynamic duo: it’s always best to ensure that there isn’t one without the other.