When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the options can feel endless, and unfortunately, that isn’t always a good thing. With so many styles, colors, and cuts from which to choose, the process of choosing a ring can feel daunting instead of fun. To make the process easier and reclaim the excitement of engagement ring shopping, Mark Schneider Design is introducing a brand-new collection of rings: The Ethereal Collection. With an emphasis on sparkling elegance and stunning design, the six rings in the collection are the perfect place to start

The key to selecting the perfect ring is finding one that is unique to both your personal style and your lifestyle.  After all, your engagement ring is like your spouse— both are forever. To establish your personal engagement ring style and overcome the overwhelming amount of options, consider the following questions as you shop.

  1. What Does My Lifestyle Entail?

    For most people, lifestyle is the best place to start because it is simple to determine. Lifestyle includes the things that you do every day. Typical activities include job, childcare, exercise habits and recreational activities. It’s important to determine your type of lifestyle because it determines the style of ring that will work best for you.

    For most people who work in an office, any style of ring will do. However, if you have a profession or hobby that requires excessive use of your hands or is messy, it might be best to opt for a ring with low-set diamonds to avoid damage. However, regardless of your lifestyle, there are ways to ensure that your ring remains safe.

  2. Have I Planned Ahead?

    Most brides are eager to take preventative measures that will ensure their engagement rings are protected. After all, the ring is an investment in your future and a symbol of your devotion to your spouse. However, many people don’t consider the reality of protecting their rings before they make the purchase. To avoid any last minute headaches, it’s important to consider the safety of your ring before you buy.

    Regardless of your lifestyle, there will be days when you need to take your ring off in order to protect it. Whether you’re visiting the beach or lifting weights at the gym, certain activities demand the removal of your ring. To make the process easier, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare a plan. If you know that a certain day will be particularly active, feel free to leave your ring at home in a soft, padded jewelry box that is specifically for your ring. Never store your ring with other jewelry because other pieces could scratch the band. If you’re already out and need to store your ring at the last minute, plan ahead by leaving a portable jewelry pouch in the car. In case of an emergency, store the ring in the pouch and lock it in the glove box. By planning ahead, the entire ring-buying process will be easier because you’ll have peace of mind.

  3. What’s My Personal Style?

    Once you’ve considered lifestyle and safety, it’s time for the fun part: personal style. As you look at engagement rings, it’s important to remember that your ring will serve as an accessory for your daily attire. Because of that, it’s important to choose a ring that complements your natural style. For most people, this will be fairly simple to determine. However, some women might be surprised to discover that they crave a sparkling ring. Even if sparkle and shine is not a part of your average ensemble, you will likely find a place for it in your engagement ring, so don’t be alarmed. For some women, sparkling rings ensure that they honor tradition, but for others, it is simply fun self-expression. Regardless of your reasoning, be sure to opt for a ring that makes you feel fabulous.