The British historical drama, Downton Abbey, captivated viewers from the other side of the pond almost immediately. The fourth season finale premiered in February and the fifth season won’t be available to U.S. viewers until winter 2015. With almost a year between seasons, fans are left pining for their favorite characters. To avoid the Downton Abbey summer blues, try incorporating jewelry inspired by the show into your wardrobe. After all, even if you’ll never possess a title or hail from royal blood, there’s nothing wrong with looking like you do.

1)      Jeweled “Heirlooms”

When it comes to jewelry that’s fit for British high society from the early 1900’s, jewels speak for themselves. Passed down through the generations in the fictional world of Downton Abbey, jewels speak of luxury and style. Recreate the look with gemstone jewelry. The key to successfully pulling it off is utilizing a matching earrings and necklace combination. Opal earrings with a carefully crafted opal pendant would provide a modern update to a classic look.

2)      Brooches

Brooches are beautifully understated accessories that add an instant style boost to any ensemble. In Downton Abbey, brooches are a symbol of class and dignity. Add a unique flair to your own wardrobe by pinning an ornate brooch to a jacket or blazer. Feeling extra daring? Add a brooch to an evening dress. If pinning a brooch to your outfit isn’t to your liking, then take a style tip from Downton Abbey and using a sparkling brooch as a glamorous hair accessory. The Agate Butterfly in Flight Pin pin would look especially stunning as a hair accessory.

3)      Earrings

One of the most prominent fashion accessories in Downton Abbey is earrings. Long, dangling earrings that sparkle in the light are a definitive jewelry favorite for many of the characters. To create the look within your own wardrobe, choose one or two pairs of earrings that truly convey elegance and glamour. Diamonds and colored gemstones are a match made in heaven because the pop of color from the gems perfectly highlights the sparkle from the diamonds and vice versa. The Flourishing Tanzanite Earrings are simply breathtaking and would make even the most posh Downton Abbey character green with envy.