If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you may want to consider personalizing it to really “make it your own.” You can personalize a wedding band or engagement ring by having it engraved. But for a more creative touch you can try something that’s become a trend among some A-list celebrities: putting symbols on the ring that are personal to the couple’s relationship. Whether you want to write a special message on the inside of the ring or you want to decorate your ring in symbols, making your ring personal shows a unique love and commitment.

Halle Berry was recently spotted wearing her Robert Mazlo ring, an emerald set in yellow gold, and featuring symbols important to the couple. Your fianceé’s ring should be a reminder of your special relationship. Adding unique symbols to your ring can be a reminder of how the relationship began, what brought you closer during times of struggle, or a common interest that bonds you together. Halle Berry is a lucky woman to have been presented with a ring that’s not only a symbol of marriage, but also a unique reminder of the love shared in her marriage.

Katy Perry’s recent marriage to Russell Brand was sealed with a pink sapphire set in yellow gold. The ring was a gorgeous proposal by the actor, but became special when he had a lyric of Katy’s favorite song (Nick Cave’s “Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?”) engraved on the inside of the setting. The engraved ring personalized the love and commitment Russell feels for Katy. You know you’re ready to settle down when your man knows everything about you, down to your favorite song lyric.

Here at Mark Schneider Design, we believe every ring should be personalized from the heart of each lucky couple. Mark Schneider designed the secret heart to be an enduring symbol of romance. The secret heart is a gold heart placed on your desired setting. There is a small diamond in the middle of the heart that is engraved with the words “Love You Forever.” The secret heart adds that special touch to your commitment to one another. What makes the secret heart so special is that when you get engaged to be married you are giving your heart to one another. The heart embodies that act of love.

When it comes to buying the perfect engagement ring, it’s not about the size, shape, or cut. It’s about the thought that was put into the gift that symbolizes your love. When you buy a secret heart engagement ring, you can give a ring that personalizes the love you feel.