Mark Schneider is often inspired by contemporary architecture to make his creations. One of Mark Schneider’s favorite architects is Frank Gehry. Much of Gehry's work falls within the style of Deconstructivism, which is noted for going beyond current modalities of structural definition. Deconstructivist structures are not required to reflect specific social or universal ideas such as societal goals and functional necessity. By following Gehry’s architectural style, Mark Schneider’s jewelry breaks from the traditional, functional form to become contemporary art.

Contempo Pearl Ring

                One of Mark Schneider’s many award winning rings that was inspired by contemporary art is the Contempo Pearl Ring. The Contempo Pearl Ring has a unique setting and displays the pearl in an an original fashion: the pearl is laid down surrounded by yellow gold and diamonds. In contrast to most rings the Contempo’s band does not go completely around your finger. This ring defies the traditional manner in which engagement rings display pearls and grip to your hand. The harmony created by the shape and placement of each diamond makes the Contempo Pearl Ring a revelation.

Contemporary Natural Diamond Ring

                The Contemporary Natural Diamond Ring displays natural yellow diamonds in a square platinum setting. The setting features rose gold around the yellow diamonds, illuminating their natural color. This award winning design has a contemporary shape with long curving lines opposing modern form, giving it appeal to art enthusiasts. The placement of the accent diamonds along the platinum setting gives it a natural feel. The Contemporary Natural Diamond Ring represents an exclusive display of beauty, making this Mark Schneider design a rare piece of art.

                All jewelry can become a work of art, but only certain displays and designs can be called contemporary. Mark Schneider is inspired by all sorts of contemporary architecture from furniture to buildings. The way he uses natural forms to display diamonds, and unusual shapes to form the band are just a few characteristics that make his work both contemporary and attractive. When you wear one of Mark Schneider’s award winning designs you’re not just wearing jewelry, you are wearing a work of art inspired by the imagination of an artist.