With fans still reeling from the season finale of the HBO drama, people are looking for various ways to stay connected with the universe and the characters that live there. The world of the four kingdoms is home to several standout characters, all of whom have a unique style of their own. For those fans out there trying to cling on to anything Game of Thrones during the season break, there are certain jewelry styles that can be worn to emulate some beloved (or loathed) characters.

For men looking to emulate Ned Stark, something simple but dignified is necessary. Also, when trying to emulate the style of the Warden of the North, a men’s engagement ring or other designer jewelry should incorporate an organic design. Such men’s designer jewelry that befits Ned Stark would include incorporating platinum, silver, palladium, or tungsten. All of these metals are fit for the strong, stoic Hand of the King. Jewelry aiming to capture Stark’s personality could also include basic bands with inlaid patterns or a modest gemstone subtly incorporated into a gypsy setting.

As far as characters people love to hate, it’s hard to find anyone better than Joffery Baratheon. With a list of traits that includes young, petulant, powerful, and tyrannical it’s not hard to understand why, despite being universally hated, Joffery is also grotesquely alluring. The best type of jewelry to reflect Joffery’s personality is something elaborate, the best metal, gold. But gold alone is not enough to do justice to his larger than life ego—colored gemstones and an array of gems incorporated onto one ring would do just the trick.

However, the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms are not to be forgotten when discussing styles to emulate. Daenerys Targaryen, the platinum-haired Mother of Dragons, is one of the most interesting and sympathetic characters on the show. Gentle, resilient, but powerful and unafraid to be herself, Daenerys is a fan-favorite for obvious reasons. There are certain pieces that can be utilized to pay homage to Daenerys, such as a statement necklace that includes colored gemstones—ideally rubies. Another jewelry item to include would be unique colored gemstone rings in gold or platinum donned with marquise or pear shaped stones that are reminiscent of dragon eggs.

Last, but not least, is Sansa Stark. Decorously and elegant, Sansa’s style is traditionally feminine and befitting of a princess. The range of designer jewelry options that captures her personality is broad. Earrings, necklaces, and rings all fall under Sansa’s repertoire. Utilizing gold or silver with diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones gives the wearer Sansa’s regal style.