Creating an outfit is an involved process. There are many elements to consider: weather, mood and accessories, to name a few. Although the “big picture” is important when choosing an ensemble, it’s often the details that define the best looks. Lipstick color is perhaps the most important detail to consider when partaking in the final steps of outfit creation. However, no element of an outfit stands alone, and that’s why it’s crucial to know how to pair lipstick and jewelry. Lipstick color and earrings are irrevocably linked. In fact, they are sometimes side-by-side. Because of this, it’s critical to choose complementary colors. Follow the simple tips below to create an award-worthy outfit.

1)      Match

Matching earring color to lipstick color is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s a classic for a reason. By wearing two colors that match perfectly, you’re creating a cohesive ensemble that shows thoughtfulness and care. One of the biggest benefits of doing an exact match is that both the lipstick color and the earrings pop. However, this look is best with earrings that don’t dangle too low. Having matching colors side by side is often jarring and can distract from the overall look.

2)      Slight Variation

Celebrities like Taylor Swift are notorious for choosing lip colors that are similar to the earrings, but are not an exact match. By choosing colors that are slight variations of one another, a layer of depth and interest is added to the outfit. However, when utilizing this look, it’s important to choose colors that are different enough that the look feels intentional. If you use colors that are almost exactly the same, then it could look like you intended to match but failed. The most popular colors to use for this look are a burgundy or berry lip with deep red earrings.

3)      Specific Colors

Of course, there are also specific color combinations that look amazing when used for lip color and earring color. Turquoise or aqua earrings with coral lipstick look spectacular when paired together because they are complementary colors. Other favorites include berry colored lipstick with neutral toned earrings and red lipstick with gold. Feel free to get creative and create your own combinations!