Finding a unique engagement ring for any bride-to-be is tricky enough, but when it comes to finding a men’s wedding band that fits the personality of the groom-to-be, it takes the challenge to an entirely different level. Women are often pegged as the finicky gender, but when it comes down to it, buying jewelry for men is a task that is parallel in difficulty to no other.

The trick to choosing a men’s wedding band is to select something that is reflective of the personality of the man in question. Once you’ve selected a style that suits your suitor’s personality, you’ll be able to tailor the men’s wedding band to his idiosyncratic style.

For example, the domed style of many men’s wedding bands—a basic metal band—is sleek, unobtrusive, and classically masculine. This style is best for men who are reserved, ideal for the introspective and introverted type. The domed style is also perfect for a man who is not used to wearing jewelry.

If you’re shopping for a man who appreciates a little glitz, you might want to opt for a men’s wedding band that incorporates a colored gemstone, or for the less adventurous, a traditional diamond.

An outgoing groom might consider a wedding band with different metals, something unique for the artistic groom-to-be. The mix of colored metals brings a creative and artsy quality to the piece of jewelry.

When picking a men’s wedding band, it is important to pick something that is exciting but remains within the groom’s comfort zone. It’s good to push the limits of style, but with a big purchase that is emblematic of the couple’s relationship it is important to invest in a unique ring that resembles both the individual and the couple.

Male wedding bands are an underappreciated means for men to flex their style muscles and should be utilized to the fullest.