Jewelry is an indispensible accessory when putting together an outfit. It can completely transform an ensemble from something relatively casual into something extravagant. There are several easy ways designer jewelry can take your look from comfy to catwalk.

Certain jewelry pieces are going to look fancy regardless of what they are paired with. But you can temper the level of extravagance by how you display your designer jewelry. With dangling earrings for example (e.g. chandelier earrings and pearl drop earrings), the best way to dress them down is by wearing them with your hair down. The more the earrings are on display, the more sophisticated they come across. This is a general rule of thumb—the more visible the jewelry, the more elevated the outfit becomes.

Simplicity is the second rule to remember when aiming to dress down an outfit. If you have the option of pairing different types of jewelry with a simple sundress—but want to maintain a casual vibe—opt for just a necklace or just a ring, not both. For dressing up the same outfit, designer jewelry combinations can transform that summer dress from a day outfit into cocktail attire. Combining earrings and a ring, or earrings and a necklace can also help push an outfit into a higher fashion class.

When attempting to pair a more sophisticated piece with a much more casual outfit—say an ornate diamond engagement ring or a large colored gemstone pendant—it’s best to try to balance the sophistication of the outfit. If you are aiming for a California casual look, such an exquisite piece might be used as an accent to a jeans, blouse, and blazer combination. Likewise, if a minimalist piece of jewelry is being utilized to add some demure charm to an otherwise sultry outfit, it is best to highlight the best quality of the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing an evening gown with a plunging neckline it is best to pair it with a solitaire necklace. Or if the outfit happens to be a power suit for the board room, a pair of diamond studs will create an aura of refined authority.

Perhaps the most important rule to remember when pairing jewelry and clothes: Whether dressing up or dressing down, wearing at least one piece of jewelry at all times will give you a fashion edge that makes you stand out.