There are a lot of different traditions when it comes to marriage—ceremony, white dress, bridesmaids, and bouquets. In some ways, it seems as if the list of traditions is endless and some brides are tired of adhering to the status quo. From hipster forest weddings to nautical themed nuptials on a boat, brides and grooms across the country are opting to create unique days that represent their personal styles. However, if outlandish ceremonies and crazy themes aren’t exactly your style, it’s still possible to create a personalized day. In fact, the best way to add a touch of personal style and pizazz to an otherwise traditional wedding is with different and unique engagement rings. Different and unique engagement rings are the perfect way to add a touch of style and fun to your day because they are non-intrusive and personal. Choosing an engagement ring is a private adventure for you and your spouse, and because of that, it’s the perfect time to experiment and have some fun. If you’re unsure about the specific style of unique engagement ring you’re looking for, read on. We’ve got the perfect guide for you.
What is Unique Design
1. What Does Different and Unique Mean to You?
The first step in your different and unique engagement ring journey is to establish what exactly you want. For some couples, a band that sparkles is considered “different and unique.” For others, the bar for uniqueness is set much higher. Before you do anything else, it’s crucial to determine your personal style and what you are looking for in an engagement ring. In particular, there are three important questions to ask: Are you interested in unusual shapes? Do you like rings that sparkle? How you unique is too unique?  The good thing about these questions is this that there are not “right” or “wrong” answers. Instead, the questions are all about establishing your personal style and setting a foundation for the type of ring you will enjoy.
2. Floral Engagement Rings
When it comes to different and unique engagement rings, floral rings are often at the top of the list. The reason for this is simple: floral rings are different and unique without being over the top. The uniqueness of floral rings is mainly confined to small, intricate details that are designed for the wearer’s pleasure. If your style falls somewhere on the spectrum between traditional and unique, than a floral engagement ring might be the perfect pick for you. With dainty leaves and blooms in the middle, floral designs are different and unique without being overwhelming. In other words, it is the perfect style for any bride.
3. Geometric
Different and unique engagement rings are often misunderstood. The truth is that unique engagement rings are the perfect way to flaunt your personal style. For many modern brides, traditional engagement rings are not representative of their daily style. Luckily, geometric rings are the perfect alternative. Both different and unique, geometric engagement rings are the perfect answer to a modern bride’s dilemma. Boasting gorgeous shapes, curved designs, and unusual cuts, these rings are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Bold, big, and loud (in the best way), these rings are perfect for a stylish bride who knows what she wants. If you’re unsure of where to start, try the ultra-modern Blissful Engagement Ring. Even though the ring is delicate in style, it still serves as a statement piece because of its unique design. In other words, it’s a win-win.