Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses was a herculean task. After all, every girl has a different preference, body type and favorite color. You finally narrowed it down to two dresses and then picked the winner. Your bridesmaid dresses are complete. Unfortunately, the end of dress shopping doesn’t signify the end of the journey. It is now time to choose the perfect jewelry. Luckily, this task just became a whole lot easier. Follow our simple guide to accessorizing and you’ll have the best-dressed bridal party in no time.

1) V-Neck
V-neck bridesmaids’ dresses are surprisingly popular for springtime weddings. If v-neck dresses are your ensemble of choice, then it’s best to accessorize with delicate pieces that add a touch of personality. Because the neckline is the focal point of the dress, it’s important to choose a necklace that is centerpiece worthy. Instead of opting for chunky necklaces, choose a necklace that subtly highlights the beauty of the dress. In other words, choose a small necklace on a thin chain. The Tourmaline Leaf Pendant is the perfect choice.

2) Strapless
Strapless dresses are perfect for summertime weddings. The nights are warm and the days are long. The best accessories for strapless dresses are a classic combination: chunky necklaces with stud earrings. Because the dresses do not have straps, it’s important to utilize a statement necklace. In many ways, the necklace will serve as an addition to the dress. Of course, chunky necklaces are best paired with stud earrings. The combination of big and small is stunning without being overwhelming.

3) Halter
Halter dresses are unique because they barely require any jewelry. Because the neckline is filled with straps, necklaces are not necessary. In fact, necklaces would merely distract from the beauty of the dress. Opt for earrings instead. Dangling earrings are the best option for halter dresses; they compensate for the lack of necklace without detracting from the dress.

4) One Shoulder
The solution to one shoulder is simple: chandelier earrings. Like halter dresses, one shoulder dresses do not require elaborate necklaces. Instead, earrings serve as the focal point. When in doubt about accessorizing one shoulder dresses, opt for earrings that are fun and bright. The Soaring Agate Earrings are a playful yet modern take on traditional chandelier earrings. In other words, they would be the perfect earrings for your bridesmaids.