The month of June announces the beginning of summer, the start of vacations, and the frantic scramble to find a Father’s Day gift that dad will actually appreciate—in other words, something besides the sad necktie that seems to be the fallback present of choice. This year, instead of buying dad something practical and boring, buy him a gift that will stand as a long-lasting token of affection: custom designer jewelry.

Men’s jewelry is often understated and under-appreciated; however, unique designer jewelry is a gift that represents strength and unwavering love. It’s not just women that like to receive jewelry. Consider how much your dad might enjoy receiving a unique ring or pair of cufflinks. Colored gemstone rings or cufflinks symbolize the strength and beauty of a father’s love. They are ideal gifts of love from sons, daughters, or spouses—the present can be tailored to the relationship of the giver. Men’s rings are the perfect gift for a lover or a spouse, yet they can also be given by a child or a sibling if the ring is more demure or traditional. A basic metal band with a modest colored gemstone can be a great gift for a father or brother.

Rings for men are more intimate gifts, conveying an everlasting bond. Such a personal gift demonstrates a deep and powerful bond of love and appreciation. A colored gemstone ring shows the father in your life just how much he means. The ring represents both a small gesture and a grand emblem of love. Mark Schneider Design’s men’s collection of colored gemstone rings offers an array of options for the father in your life—from classic to contemporary styles, from minimal to ornate, the options are endless. Yet if a unique ring doesn’t seem like the right choice for your father, there are many other designer jewelry options.

Cufflinks are often overlooked as an option for men’s jewelry—they are so small it’s easy to understand why that happens. However, cufflinks are a classic and essential jewelry piece that elevates the style of any man. By giving dad a stylish and debonair set of cufflinks you are showing him just how much you care, while also giving him a gift he is sure to remember for years to come.