Winter is the season to sparkle. From twinkling Christmas lights to glistening snowdrops falling from the sky, wintertime seems to demand brilliant gemstones accessories. The days are suddenly shorter and the nights begin in the afternoon when the sun sets for the evening. Glittering jewelry is the perfect way to add holiday cheer to every outfit, regardless of the temperature outside. In order to truly capture the holiday season, it’s important to utilize particularly shiny accessories without going over the top. In order to strike the perfect balance, try these three simple tips: teardrop earrings, rings and pins.

1)      Teardrop Earrings

Earrings are the perfect way to add sparkle to an outfit without going overboard. They’re an ideal wintertime trend because of their unique shape. The downward flow of the teardrop style is reminiscent of a shimmering icicle and therefore perfect for winter accessorizing. In order to determine the degree of sparkle added to an outfit via earrings, choose your hairstyle wisely. To maximize sparkle, pull your hair away from your face. Topknots and long ponytails will allow your earrings to shine extra brightly. For a less sparkling look, opt for loose curls or hair that is halfback and half-down.

2)      Rings

Both men and women can add sparkle to their wardrobe this holiday season with the simplest accessory of all: rings. Men may feel as if their opportunity for sparkle is limited. After all, cufflinks are often only required for special occasions and most other jewelry is traditionally for women. Rings are the ideal solution. Without being intrusive or flashy, rings add glimmer and shine to an outfit. Perfect as glistening accessories for a night on the town or a boardroom meeting, rings have endless possibilities. Luckily, there are multiple levels of sparkle as well. For a glittering ensemble, try the Royal Tanzanite Ring. For a more toned down look, opt for Sunrise Ruby Band.

3)      Pins

During winter, pins are often remembered as being clipped on Grandma’s outlandish Christmas sweater. But modern pins are nothing short of spectacular. From elaborate designs to stunning gemstones, pins are the ultimate in glittering accessories because of their versatility. Whether fastened to a belt or attached to a lapel, pins are the ultimate wintertime addition.