The New Year isn’t simply a time for resolutions; it’s also a time in which fashion trends are reinvented and accessories are reimagined. This year, the trends are decidedly simple: bold and feminine. From gorgeous wedged sandals to long dresses, fashion designers have been hinting at a year of beauty. But even beyond that, 2015 seems to be the year for women. High-end lingerie is projected to expand this year and even workout clothes are being designed with feminine details like ruffles. The world of accessories is no different. The year of 2015 will usher in an era of updated classics for female accessories.

1)      Pink and Red

The romantic hues of pink and red are this year’s stars. From rings to necklaces and everything in between, pink and red are everywhere. Although traditionally “feminine” colors, the pinks and reds of 2015 promise to be unique. Ranging from deep red to a purplish pink, these colors are making a well-deserved comeback. You can expect to see an increase of accessories made with Fire Opals and Pink Sapphire.

2)      Large Gemstones

This year, “bold necklaces” no longer mean chunky chains. Instead, the boldness can be found in the gemstones. In particular, gems that are reminiscent of their natural shape are on trend. Instead of choosing jewels that have been molded into a perfect circle or teardrop, opt for unique shapes. The Carnelian Drusy Pendant is the ideal piece to start with because although it is flawlessly finished, the stone is in its natural state.

3)      Floral

Floral designs are often associated with nature and whimsical schemes, but the truth is that floral designs are perfect for accessories. Because they add an element of softness to an outfit, they are pretty without being overtly feminine. Perhaps that is why they are one of the top trends for 2015. From large flowers to subtle vines, floral accessories come in a variety of forms. However, the most popular floral accessories for the year of 2015 are earrings. When it comes to floral earrings, femininity and nature coincide in a beautiful way. However, floral earrings are not required to be girly. In fact, floral accessories look amazing paired with all-black outfits, sneakers or even workout gear. Ultimately, the top accessory trends for 2015 prove that this year is all about the ladies.