When it comes time to choose an engagement ring, style is paramount. Because the ring will be worn everyday with every outfit, it’s crucial that the ring’s style matches the bride’s inner self. When it comes to engagement ring style, there are four major types: contemporary, floral, traditional, and vintage. For traditional wedding rings, the style is classic but that doesn’t mean that fashion is compromised. In fact, traditional style engagement rings typically possess three specific characteristics.

1)      Prong Setting

Prong setting may seem like a minor detail, but for engagement rings it can make all the difference. Traditionally, diamond engagement rings showcased a brilliant center diamond that was held in place by four prongs. This tradition lives on in the classic style engagement ring. For maximum brilliance and shine, four prongs hold the main diamond in position. Prongs elevate the central diamond to further illuminate the stone’s sparkle. In addition, the prongs serve to further highlight the main diamond and draw the viewer’s eye towards the central bling. The Reflection ring perfectly illustrates the unparalleled beauty provided by the prong setting.

2)      Channel

The channel setting is also a popular characteristic for contemporary style engagement rings. This may seem counterintuitive, but channel settings are actually quite diverse. In order to create a traditional feel, channel settings are slim and set between two thin metal bars. Small diamonds line the inside of the bars and add extra sparkle to the ring by reflecting light. The aptly named Reflection engagement ring utilizes the traditional pave setting to further illuminate the ring’s brilliant stones.

3)      Three stone

Perhaps one of the most classic settings of all time, the three stone setting truly adds elegance and shine. In the three stone setting, two slightly smaller diamonds are placed on either side of the central stone creating the look of three diamonds in a row. Of course, three diamonds means three times the sparkle. Some three stone settings boast three diamonds of almost equal size, while others have two smaller diamonds on either side of a much larger central diamond. The Alluring ring falls under the latter category. Two diamonds that are modest in comparison flank the immense center stone. Of course, this design serves to highlight the gigantic nature of the center stone and ultimately showcases the mesmerizing nature of the ring.