Jewelry Travel Tips: 3 Things You Should Know

Traveling is never simple. Even the most experienced travelers occasionally experience travel anxiety, particularly when traveling with their jewelry. Between airport security, checked baggage and long flights, traveling can be challenging. But the hardest work of all comes before ever setting foot in an airport. Packing decisions can make or break a vacation, business trip, or family excursion, and jewelry can be particularly tricky. To avoid travel-induced headaches, we’ve uncovered the most important tips for traveling with jewelry.

1)      Plan Ahead

When it comes to traveling, the more prepared you are, the better. While preparing for a trip, pack complete outfits—accessories and all. This will ensure that no necessary jewelry is left behind. But even beyond that, planning outfits down to the last detail will eliminate the possibility of over packing. Approaching packing in a holistic manner will greatly reduce stress and anxiety. It is also best to plan on storing all fine jewelry in carry on luggage. Checked baggage can be lost, misplaced, or even delayed. Avoid potential worries about the whereabouts of your jewelry collection by keeping it with you at all times.

2)      Utilize Jewelry

Jewelry is wonderful for travel because it can effortlessly alter outfits. When packing light, utilize jewelry as an outfit update. A blazer and black pants is perfect for a work meeting; add a show-stopping necklace, like the Noble Agate Pendant, and you’ll be ready for a cocktail filled evening.

3)      Avoid Damage

When traveling with jewelry, it’s imperative to avoid potential damage. Jewelry cases are the most popular way to care for jewelry on the go. They come in a variety of styles with the two most popular designs being jewelry rolls and leather travel cases. Jewelry rolls are wonderful because they are able to fold down smaller than other types. Leather travel cases are similar to a large wallet or clutch with different compartments inside.

Either option will ensure that your jewelry arrives safely. Another insider tip for taking care of jewelry when traveling is to use a straw to guarantee a tangle-free trip. Necklace chains often become twisted or entwined when travelling. To avoid this issue, put half of each chain through a plastic straw. Once the necklace is clasped, tangles don’t stand a chance!