In the modern world, travel is for everyone. Between airline miles, fuel-saving cars and a wealth of information on the Internet, travelling has become a pastime for many. As travel becomes more and more commonplace, it becomes more frequent as well. Whether you’re hopping in the car for a quick trip to a local National Park or jetting across the world for an extended holiday in Europe, it’s important to know how to pack light. Many airlines have strict baggage requirements and cars can easily become over packed. But even beyond that, nothing can kill travel related giddiness faster than lugging a fifty pound suitcase up a flight of stairs. In order to keep travel related headaches to a minimum, start small by minimizing the amount of jewelry you bring on your next trip. For inspiration, follow the simple tips below:

1)Stud Earrings

Choosing to pack light inevitably means that you will leave a few items at home. When it comes to earrings, it’s important to choose wisely because they are often an accessory that is worn every day. As a result, stud earrings are the definite winner. Because they are small and dainty while still packing a stylish punch, stud earrings are perfect for client meetings, travel days, and sipping cocktails near a pool. They are perfect for any occasion. If you’re going truly minimal and are only packing one pair, then be sure to opt for a pair that is neutral in color so it can match multiple outfits. The Fancy Aquamarine Earrings would be the perfect pair.


Packing light is all about packing smart, and of course, packing smart means planning ahead. With jewelry, the easiest way to plan ahead and therefore pack smart, is by ensuring that all your accessories are the same metal color. If you’re planning on bringing a white gold watch, then be sure that your earrings, necklace, and rings are white gold as well. By packing jewelry that is the same metal color, you will be able to drastically limit the amount of accessories you bring because all the items will match one another.

3)Simple Necklaces

When packing light, small items are always the best, and the same rule applies for necklaces. Instead of opting for chunky statement pieces, choose thin chains and understated pendants instead. Not only are small necklaces versatile and perfect for any occasion, but they can also be worn while travelling. As always, choose a necklace with a neutral gemstone color and always ensure that your metals match. The Sweeping Amethyst Pendant is pure perfection.