This season, jewelry and nature are joining forces to create incredible pieces of wearable art. It’s no secret that spring is about blooming flowers, fresh growth, and renewed sunlight. Follow nature’s lead this season by opting for jewelry pieces that are inspired by the natural world itself. From vine details that wrap around a ring’s band to subtly shaped flower pendants, this trend is everywhere. If you’re itching to update your jewelry collection this spring, then follow the simple tips below to utilize symbols of nature as wearable art.

1)      Subtle

When it comes to wearing nature-inspired jewelry, subtlety is often the best option. Although some jewelry pieces will boast shaped flowers or blossoming vines, many nature-inspired pieces are incredibly understated. Often, the necklaces are reminiscent of a springtime flower, but have been re-imagined as a geometric or angular piece of art. Never shy away from thinking outside the box when it comes to nature as art. The best pieces are often the ones that subtly evoke images of a long forgotten spring day.

2)      Geometric

The trend of nature as art has been around for decades, but the current trend has a modern twist because it is focused on angular pairings, geometric designs, and asymmetrical patterns. In other words, it has a decidedly modern look. To spot the best pieces, it’s crucial to look beyond typical ideas of flowers or plants. Instead, scan the entire piece of jewelry and note the overall effect of each element. Triangles that are bunched together with a central focus are often futuristic flowers. Rectangular “vines” are often overlooked in the quest for jewelry inspired by nature. When looking for this trend, keep an open mind and imagination.

3)      Colors

As any nature lover knows, the natural world is filled with breathtaking colors. Ranging from deep pink to dark blues, the environment is an artist’s paradise because it is so complex and beautiful. The trend of nature as art allows colors to be replicated for human wear. When choosing jewelry that is reminiscent of nature, opt for vibrant colors. Not only will your jewelry look more authentically natural, but it will also serve as a statement piece and conversation starter. After all, nothing is more inspiring than the beautiful colors that reemerge during spring’s first bloom.