Valentine’s day is a day of romance. After all, the 14th of February was first associated with romantic love during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was a time of courtly love in which men wrote poetry, jousted for a woman’s honor and took ill if love was unrequited. Today, Valentine’s Day celebrates modern day romance and there is no better way to convey true love than with jewelry. But because it’s a special day, the jewelry must be special as well. The following gift guide will ensure that your Valentine has a day to remember.

1)      Cocktail rings

If you’re married or engaged, then you’ve already bought a special ring for your Valentine. However, rings are still an ideal Valentine’s Day gift because they show commitment and care, but with flair. If you’re not yet engaged, then statement rings are still the perfect gift because they are a simple way to remind your other half that you’re thinking of them. Even beyond that, rings are effortless accessories and add an element of drama to every outfit. This Valentine’s Day, opt for a ring that will make your Valentine gasp with delight. Instead of a small band, choose a ring with a geometric design or large gemstone as a centerpiece. 

2)      Pearls

Pearls are classic. Because of their elegant nature, pearls assure your Valentine that she is as a beautiful and timeless as a gorgeous pearl. Giving pearls as a gift ensures that your gift will be treasured for years to come. Classic white pearls are always a safe bet, but if your Valentine prefers styles that are more edgy, opt for tahitian pearls instead. For classic pearl lovers, check out the Pearl Pendant, which boasts stunning freshwater pearls. If darker is better, then try the Pearl Wave Ring. If you’re looking for a mixture of both dark and light, look no further than the Rotating Pearl Earrings.

3)      Birthstones

Gifting birthstone jewelry is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it’s unique. After all, women love thoughtful gifts. Whether you’re looking for a birthstone ring, necklace or even earrings, be sure to choose something that fits your Valentine’s style. Often, subtle pieces of jewelry are the best because they can be worn anywhere. But of course, the number one rule for Valentine’s gifts is that they must come from the heart.