Engagement rings are all about personal style. Cut, color and clarity are immensely important, but without a clear vision of ring style, it’s impossible for ring shopping to even begin. For style, there are four main contenders: contemporary, floral, traditional, and vintage. When it comes to vintage style, the old is made new with beautiful details, elegant structures, and timeless designs. In fact, vintage style engagement rings are defined by four primary characteristics.

1)      Milgrain

Milgrain are beaded accents. With vintage engagement ring designs, they can surround diamonds on the band or even help highlight the central diamond. Essentially, the beaded accents add intricate details and a flawless finish. Known for being beautifully ornate, vintage style rings are perfect for the detailed finish provided by milgrain.

2)      Pave Settings

When diamonds are closely set, and are also set level with the surface of the ring, a pave setting is utilized. Each individual diamond is separated from the others and held in place by small beads from the setting metal. Ultimately, the look created is that of timeless elegance and seemingly effortless sparkle. In fact, the overall look is that of continuous diamonds on the surface.

3)      Halo

Halo settings are extremely popular in the world of engagement rings. After all, the halo setting not only adds more shine to the center stone, but also creates the illusion of a larger central diamond. The halo setting can be done in numerous ways. In many halo-setting designs, a circle of smaller diamonds wrap around the main diamond. However, many designs include multiple layers of encircling diamonds and often the layers of diamonds utilize different sized stones. In other words, there will be a layer of medium sized diamonds followed by a layer of smaller diamonds, or vice versa. Regardless of design, the halo setting provides unparalleled beauty.

4)      Side Diamonds

Side diamonds are utilized in almost every style of engagement ring, but vintage style rings give side diamonds a unique twist. In vintage style rings, side diamonds are typically small because their purpose is to add a touch of stateliness and class.

Vintage style engagement rings are timeless pieces of art. Although the vintage style is beautiful, the most important thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring style is personal preference. After all, the engagement ring not only reflects both the bride and the groom, but it also serves as a reminder of their love for one another.