For most people, wedding rings signify a lifetime of commitment and love. The circular shape of the ring represents the notion that marriage is a sacred bond and the love between partners will never end. Like a circle, the marriage vows are meant to be eternal. Although wedding rings may seem like a modern invention designed to showcase spousal devotion, experts believe that they originated nearly 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt.

For Ancient Egyptians, rings symbolized love and devotion. In fact, receiving a ring from a suitor was seen as one of the highest honors. Every part of the ring symbolized something important. The empty middle represented a doorway that led to the future and the circular shape stood for eternity. However, the ring wasn’t simply a symbol for respect and devotion for women, it also served as a symbol of wealth and status for men who gifted them.

Today, wedding rings represent much more than status or honor; they represent personal style, love, and lifestyle. (Tweet) Although the meaning of wedding rings has become standardized, style has not. In fact, the latest wedding band trend is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd: wedding bands with colored gemstones. Instead of opting for plain bands, modern brides are choosing to personalize their wedding bands with bold colors and stunning designs.

In the past, engagement rings were the only band with sparkle and they typically boasted diamonds. The use of diamonds in engagement rings began in 1947 when the phrase, “Diamonds are forever” was first coined. Thanks to the success of the phrase and corresponding belief that marriage is forever as well, diamonds became synonymous with engagement rings. Although diamonds are still considered timeless, modern brides are faced with more options than ever before. Glittering gemstones in a variety of stunning colors are considered ideal for both engagement rings and wedding bands. In order to avoid bridal decision fatigue, we’ve outlined the best choices below.

  • Personality
    Wedding rings have always been representative of a bride’s personality, and colored rings are no exception. If you are naturally bold and continually aim to stand out in a crowd,  a gemstone band might be perfect for you. Colored gemstones in wedding bands serve as a statement piece for any outfit.

  • Sentimental Value
    One of the biggest trends in gemstone wedding bands is utilizing birthstones. Some brides opt for the stone that represents the month their husband was born. Others opt for their own birthstone as a simple touch of personalization. However, countless brides and grooms are thinking of birthstones in a new way - instead of opting for the stone from an individual’s birth month, more and more couples are choosing the stone for the month they met. It’s the perfect sentimental reminder.

  • Practical Considerations
    Choosing an engagement ring or wedding band is a big decision. After all, you’ll be wearing the rings for the rest of your life. When opting for a colored gemstone ring, the decision is slightly different because you’re choosing a signature color. The color you choose for your ring will serve as an accessory for countless years to come. To make the decision easier, opt for a color you wear often.