This year, wedding trends are taking a turn for the colorful. From light pinks to Cinderella inspired blues, it seems as if color is everywhere this bridal season. Countless brides are choosing colored dresses instead of traditional white gowns and the result is simply breathtaking. However, it’s not only gowns that have gotten a colorful makeover, but bridal jewelry as well. Whether you’re interested in partaking in the colored dress trend yourself or simply want an understated pop of color in an otherwise traditional ensemble, colored gemstone jewelry is the perfect choice. To create a colorful wedding day outfit, follow the simple guide below.

1)      Matching

If you’re opting for a colorful wedding day frock, then matching jewelry is the way to go. Although an exact match is often superb, it’s important to note that the colors do not need to be exactly the same. For example, a coral dress would look stunning when paired with bright pink or deep orange accessories. Utilize jewelry as a way to make the overall ensemble pop or stand out.

2)      Focal Point

On your wedding day, you’re the star and nothing says “star” quite like a stunning piece of gemstone jewelry. Regardless of whether your dress is white or colored, be sure to use gemstone jewelry as a focal point. Not only will a stunning pendant or beautiful earrings create a gorgeous ensemble, but they will also highlight your natural beauty by drawing attention to your face. Although it’s natural for brides to glow on their big day, it never hurts to have a little help from a gorgeous, shimmering gemstone!

3)      Think Outside the Box

Typically, bridal jewelry consists of a necklace and earrings. However, this bridal season is all about the unexpected. From vintage themes to colored frocks, it’s important to create a day that is as unique as you and your partner. As a result, atypical bridal jewelry is on trend. From colored brooches to gemstone rings, brides are utilizing jewelry in new ways this season. In the same way it’s important to think outside the box with colored ensembles, it’s also important to embrace new ideas with accessories. Whether you’re interested in a traditional ceremony or a themed extravaganza, be sure to incorporate color, personal style and fun.