With first dates come a plethora of emotions. There are nerves, fear, excitement and joy. Navigating the feelings associated with dating can take a lot of time and energy. In fact, sometimes nervousness for a date can last for days! To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to have a date night dress code. Whether this is your hundredth first date, your all-time first or simply your first date in the past few years, the tips below will ensure that your date night accessorizing is flawless.

1)      Occasion

When getting prepared for a first date, it’s crucial to know the occasion. After all, a first date on a mini golf course and a first date in a five star restaurant require very different jewelry. Instead of planning your ensemble before choosing your location, talk to your date and decide where you’ll meet. After that’s done, the planning can begin. For daytime dates, minimalism is best. A small necklace, watch and ring would be perfect for a picnic on the beach. Although not always, daytime dates often involve activities outside, so it’s always best to keep accessories effortlessly minimal. For nighttime dates, feel free to wear a statement necklace and cocktail ring. After all, nighttime is for glamour.

2)      Confidence

No matter what you decide to wear on a first date, confidence is key. To ensure the highest level of confidence possible, avoid wearing jewelry that you’ve never worn before. Instead, opt for pieces that are personal favorites or all-time classics. Nothing is more attractive or more likeable than feeling good about yourself and your accessories. Having said that, feel free to wear a small new ring or earrings, but be sure that the overall outfit is tried and tested for the best results.

3)      Bold

Never shy away from wearing a statement piece on the first date. After all, some of the best conversations begin because of a question about a unique necklace such as this Inspiration Citrine Pendant or special brooch. Ultimately, the goal of a date is to make a connection, and in order to do that, it’s crucial to be yourself.