When selecting designer jewelry for a loved one, we may stop to ask ourselves whether or not they will like what we’ve chosen for them, but how often do we stop to ask ourselves if they are old enough to receive the gift? Say for instance, you would like to get your wife and your daughter matching designer jewelry but you’re not sure whether or not your daughter is old enough for the responsibility of owning such an expensive gift.

Deciding when is the right time to give your child designer jewelry is difficult because each child is different. One way of determining if your child is ready to wear jewelry is to take note of the responsibility your child demonstrates with her other belongings.

However a child’s awareness and understanding of gifts is definitely the most important factor. If the child does not realize what the gift is, then she is too young to own something as expensive as designer jewelry—no matter how adorable the child might look wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Once it’s been determined that a child understands what it means to receive a piece of jewelry, it’s up to the parents to determine how responsible they want the child to be for the jewelry. For instance, if you have a child between the ages of eight and twelve who wants her own pair of diamond earrings, but perhaps hasn’t yet demonstrated the level of responsibility necessary to be in sole possession of the jewelry, consider a compromise: let her wear the earrings on special occasions and take on the responsibility that goes with wearing them.

Children twelve years and older who have demonstrated an ability to be responsible for such an important personal belonging should be able to be in charge of their own jewelry. Also, choosing to give your 12 to 14 year-old daughter a piece of designer jewelry can be a gesture that demonstrates the faith you have in your daughter. A gift such as this conveys trust and can function as milestone present.

Whatever age you decide is ideal for your child to own designer jewelry, remember that it is a big gift in terms of emotional magnitude and will function as a way of affirming to your daughter that you see her as the blossoming adult she has come to be.