Accessories are indicators of how we wish to represent ourselves to others. What we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it conveys a lot about who we are, what we care about, and how we want to be perceived. The complexity of the message conveyed by accessories is taken to another level when the accessory being discussed is an engagement ring, because your engagement ring represents not only you as an individual, but your relationship, as well as your partner.

The selection of a unique engagement ring communicates to friends, family, and random passersby a hint of your personality as well as a hint of the kind of relationship you have with your betrothed. It is also important to remember that the non-verbal communication of a unique engagement ring is just as significant for men’s engagement rings as it is for women’s engagement rings. Certain gemstone cuts demonstrate specific personality traits, as does metal selection, and gemstone selection.

Colored gemstones chosen over a traditional diamonds convey a desire to step outside of traditional expectations. The willingness to sidestep the tradition of a diamond engagement ring demonstrates a surety of self as well as a desire to stand out.

Colored gemstone selections are more daring and each particular colored gemstone carries its own subtle message—rubies suggest desire and passion, sapphires convey security and sincerity, emeralds communicate calmness and positivity, and pearls are emblems of fertility that put a retro twist on a contemporary favorite.

Gold bands are the traditional choice for wedding bands—a classic and elegant selection that resonates with time-honored practices. Gold bands are for individuals looking to pay homage to the traditions of generations passed. Because of its resilience as well as its affordability, gold demonstrates the wearer’s practicality—choosing a metal that is strong yet affordable.  Gold bands are best for individuals interested in adorning themselves in a patina of tradition and simplicity.

Platinum bands are the ideal bands for individuals aiming to demonstrate a shift towards more contemporary styles as they are the most popular metal for designer jewelry engagement rings. Platinum is the most durable metal utilized for custom designer jewelry, but it is the most expensive, as it is extremely rare. Platinum bands demonstrate the wearer’s desire to make a statement as well as the wearer’s interest in investing in the very best.

Engagement rings are multi-faceted emblems that demonstrate an individual’s personality, style, and rationality in the most romantic way possible.