Engagements are exciting, and what’s even more exciting is that the excitement never ends. From sharing engagement ring bling on social media to wearing your gorgeous rock every single day for the rest of your life, your engagement ring will bring endless joy and happiness to your world. In fact, it will become a part of you. After all, it will be on your finger three hundred and sixty five days a year, every single year. The styles to choose from are endless: different cuts, sizes, and feels. Although it may be overwhelming, finding the right ring is crucial because it’s an expression of you. Whether you’ve worn your engagement ring for the past twenty years or you are still in the process of looking, the following engagement ring guide explores what each engagement ring conveys about the woman wearing it.

1)      Contemporary

Women who opt for a contemporary style engagement ring are the new classics. Daring, cutting edge and fashionable, contemporary style women are interested in the present, but understand the importance of history as well. After all, contemporary style rings are updated versions of older designs. Although not necessarily flashy, a woman with contemporary style ring is undeniably confident.

2)      Floral

Floral style engagement rings typically appeal to romantics. Whether a true romantic at heart or merely in style, women who prefer floral engagement rings understand the meaning of a picturesque wedding. These women follow trends, but ultimately focus on personal preference above all else.

3)      Traditional

Although classically oriented, women with traditional style engagement rings are certainly not boring. These women honor tradition and understand that classics never go out of style. Expect a wedding that incorporates bridal traditions like a bouquet toss and sweeping veil.

4)      Vintage

Women with old school Hollywood glamour often choose vintage style engagement rings. From sweeping gowns to flawless hairstyles, vintage engagement ring wearers seem to have it all together. Opting for a simple and elegant ring style speaks volumes about a woman’s beliefs: life is beautifully simple.