Jewelry is often thought of as a means of expressing love—specifically romantic love—and commitment to one special person. Traditionally, jewelry is a romantic token given at the start of relationship and then again on anniversaries. However, limiting jewelry to just romantic occasions means lost opportunities to celebrate and commemorate all sorts of personal and professional milestones in life.

No longer should unique engagement rings, designer jewelry, or colored gemstones be limited to representing an engagement. The possibilities are limitless: from celebrating a professional achievement like a promotion to marking the birth of a first child, designer jewelry comes to represent and record personal and professional memories. Like Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) in Sex and the City: The Movie, the flower ring she wants to buy at the auction “represents the essence of me”. Handcrafted designer jewelry can represent so much, for both men and women. Colored gemstone cufflinks can be purchased to celebrate a successful business merger or as a token of good luck when starting a new job. Every time those cufflinks are donned pleasant memories of success and leisure will accompany the wearer and remind them of their accomplishments.

Likewise, designer jewelry such as colored gemstone earrings, pendants, or rings can be purchased as gifts for someone you love or for yourself. Pearl earrings can be procured to celebrate reaching one of your life’s goals, like buying your first home or overcoming a fear, or than can be given to a parent, a sibling, or child. Honey Diamond Slice earrings can be given to mom as an everlasting token of love and appreciation, or the Modern Circle Ring can be given to a sibling as a memento that represents support and filial love. An ornate pin or pendant can be given to your daughter as she embarks on her own adult life. Regardless of what the gift comes to represent, designer jewelry signifies a meaningful and inextinguishable memory or bond—one that does not diminish or fade over time, but instead survives for generations to come.

Whether as a gift to yourself, to a lover, a parent or child, or to celebrate a personal accomplishment or the birth of child—designer jewelry is a gift that holds memories more valuable than the gems or precious metals that it’s made of.