The Art of Cufflinks

When it comes to men’s jewelry, it can be hard to stand out. Because watches are typical attire, they rarely convey individuality. And although impressive, rings are often difficult to master. Cufflinks, however, are genius because they effortlessly convey personal style, elegance, and even personality. Occasionally deemed intimidating by even the best-dressed man, cufflinks may feel like an uncertain endeavor. To help ease any cufflink related anxiety, here are three steps to mastering the art of cufflinks.

1)      Confidence

The value of self-assurance can’t be overstated. Whether cufflinks are worn to the office or a gala, it’s important to stand tall and enter every room as if it were your own. Because cufflinks are worn on the wrist, handshakes will draw attention to your jewelry. Be proud of your choices and shake hands while wearing a poised smile. Confidence is the all-time most important accessory, and always remember that it is better to be overdone than overlooked.

2)      When to Wear

Unless you’re the CEO or President of a company, cufflinks are typically unnecessary for everyday office attire. However, when meeting with clients, cufflinks can create an air of self-assurance, which can be useful. For cocktail parties or other somewhat formal event, any style of cufflink will work wonderfully. In fact, semi-formal events are a perfect chance to display personal style through cufflinks. For weddings  or galas, diamond or gemstone cufflinks are the obvious choice. Formal events are a chance for truly spectacular and show-stopping cufflinks. In the same way a woman would wear a stunning diamond necklace or tanzanite earrings for such an event, men should follow suit with jeweled cufflinks. These Orbit cufflinks are perfect for any formal event because they elegantly incorporate black pearls, diamonds, and pink sapphires. Always remember, cufflinks are only ever worn with French cuff shirts.

3)      Personal Style

It is notoriously difficult for men to convey personal style through accessories. Women have endless possibilities with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even hair fixtures, but men are typically limited to a single bracelet or watch. Cufflinks are the jewelry solution for fashion-forward men and should be embraced as a chance to showcase style, flare, and personal taste. Whether your look is understated or over the top, there are cufflinks to match.