Staring at an overflowing closet and finding nothing to wear is an incredibly irritating experience. You’ve spent years cultivating a perfect collection of clothing, and somehow, it is still lacking. Next time it feels like your wardrobe needs a boost, revitalize it with jewelry. Jewelry can transform outfits. Whether it’s a simple pair of color gemstone earrings or a perfectly placed brooch, jewelry is the best way to spruce up an outfit. To avoid the wardrobe blues, follow the tips below.

1)      Color

Colorful jewelry is the easiest and most simple way to give your outfit a facelift. Next time you’re in doubt about what to wear or merely don’t like your options, remember to keep your outfit simple. Colorful jewelry looks best against a plain or neutral palette. In other words, opt for outfits in a single color. Black is often the best choice because it works with any jewelry color and instantly makes you appear effortlessly chic. Once you have established an outfit as a “base,” the true fun begins: accessorizing. When it comes to colorful accessories, bold is best. Opt for bright colors, fun designs and unique shapes. Never be afraid to experiment. The Celestial Drusy Pendant would be the ideal piece because it is bold, beautiful, and classic.

2)      Mix it up

Mixing it up is a surefire way to get the best results. If you typically opt for skirts and shirts, then try a dress instead. If black pants are your go-to attire then experiment with white. Similarly, try mixing up your jewelry. By introducing new pieces of jewelry to your collection, you’ll be sure to keep your look fresh and youthful. Even beyond that, new and trendy accessories ensure that you leave your wardrobe slump in the dust. Try experimenting with uniquely shaped earrings, bold colors, or new pieces. Your wardrobe will get an instant lift, and you might rediscover some of your clothes along the way.

3)      Hair

When your wardrobe feels hopeless, hair is often the best place to start. Switching up your hairstyle can lead to new style inspiration. In fact, it’s often the best way to get through a day in which your closet doesn’t seem to be cooperating. When trying a new hairstyle, be sure to use jewelry as well. If your hair is pulled back all the way, then opt for stud earrings. If it will be pulled back halfway, then dangling earrings are your best bet. These Labyrinth Agate & Garnet Earings will only add to your elegance. For hair that is loose, any style of earring will look spectacular, but pearls are a nice way to add a touch of elegance. Before you know it, you’ll love your wardrobe once again.