This summer is all about the unexpected. Whether you’re looking to stand out, stay on trend or take your wardrobe to the next level, jewelry is the way to do it. Jewelry is a game changer because it is simple, portable and versatile. Unlike clothes, you can wear the same piece of jewelry multiple times a week. This year, summertime is all about unique trends. To enhance your overall wardrobe with a few simple steps, follow the tips below.

1) White
White accessories are all the rage this summer. As the days heat up and tans become even more pronounced, white accessories are the obvious choice. The summer season is filled with long days and fun filled nights, and nothing says “fun” quite like white accessories. Gone are the days of oversized white necklaces made of plastic. Now, white is sophisticated and refined. This season, white accessories are made from priceless gemstones and crafted into beautiful pieces of wearable art. In fact, our favorite white accessory is both elegant and stylish: The Tension Pendant.

2) Shapes
Another unique summer trend that will be prominent this season is fun shapes. From enticing rectangles to cubes that stun, summer will be filled with spectacular jewelry that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. To embrace this amazing trend, be sure to opt for pieces that boast a unique shape. Some examples include obtuse pendants, square rings and geometric earrings.

3) Waves
For many people, summer is the season of surfing. The waves are amazing and the weather is warm. In other words, it’s the perfect time to jump in the ocean. However, the ocean isn’t the only place that will be filled with waves during the warm months; jewelry designers are embracing waves as well. From understated “wave” shaped designs that are barely recognizable to jewelry pieces that are directly inspired by blue ocean waves, this summer will be filled with many iterations of surf. To utilize this trend, choose a piece of jewelry that flows like a wave. Be sure to use your imagination; after all, there are no wrong answers. Regardless of the jewelry you pick this summer, be sure to have fun. The summer months are a time for exploration and enjoyment.