As the weather changes and becomes colder, wardrobes do as well. From darker hues to warmer materials, a change in seasons is visually apparent. Luckily, shorter days and cozier nights are cause for slight modifications to jewelry accessories as well. This winter season, cozy jewelry is all the rage. Jewel tone colors, chunky designs, and yellow gold accessories are the best ways to gracefully usher in the winter season.

1) Jewel Tones

Jewel tones as a color palette possess many wonderful attributes, but perhaps the best is that they are flattering on all skin tones. Ranging from emerald green, sapphire blue to deep ruby red, jewel tones look great on pale skin tones, dark skin tones, and everything in between. During the seasons of fall and winter, jewel tones such as this Ribbon Citrine Earrings generate a feeling of warmth and happiness regardless of how low the temperature drops. They’re able to create the feeling of warmth because they are bold colors that exemplify the original hue. For example, the jewel tone ruby red is a deeper and more intense version of the color red. During the darkness of winter, it’s especially important to chase away the winter blues with bright colors.

2) Chunky Designs

Weather during the winter months typically means more clothing. In the same way that clothing increases during these months, jewelry should as well. Cold months are the perfect time to opt for bold or chunky accessories because they look perfectly balanced when worn with a winter ensemble of sweaters, jeans and coats. In fact, larger accessories are almost a requirement when wearing more clothing in order to ensure that they don’t get lost in the material.

3) Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the perfect cozy whether accessory. While white gold adds an element of luminescence to an outfit, yellow gold is often able to create a look that is warmer. In the cold months of fall and winter, warmth is a wonderful look to create. If yellow gold isn’t your favorite, then try utilizing pieces that incorporate both white and yellow gold. In fact, the Contemporary Fire Opal Ring would be the perfect place to start.

Fall and winter are the seasons of roaring fireplaces, hot drinks, and spending time with people you love. Be sure to enjoy this special time of year and embrace the change in weather by utilizing cozy gemstones.