Like any part of the fashion world, jewelry styles go through trends and phases. But the trend of platinum and white gold wedding bands has proven to be more than a trend: it has staying power. From celebrities opting for platinum bands to the flood of white gold ring selfies on Instagram, yellow gold has been noticeably absent from the wedding ring market. Unsure whether white gold or platinum is for you? Read on as we uncover the top three reasons to say “yes” to this trend.

1)      Strength

Platinum is an extremely durable metal that is notoriously stronger than gold. In fact, platinum is the heaviest and densest metal of all. However, it’s interesting to note that although platinum is stronger than gold, white gold is stronger than yellow gold. Because white gold is alloyed with stronger metals, it is more durable. In other words, for white gold to get the “white” color, other metals must be added to it and a side effect of the additions is extra strength and durability.

2)      More Prestige

Platinum is undisputedly more rare than gold and as a result, is considered to be a symbol of prestige. After all, a “platinum” credit card holder has more privileges than a “gold” member. If a platinum band is out of your price range, then white gold is the next best thing. Better still, from a distance no one will be the wiser.

3)      Attractive on Everyone

Yellow gold is said to be attractive for olive skin tones and dark skin tones, but platinum and white gold are attractive on all skin tones. Whether it’s summer and you have a killer tan or it’s the dead of winter and your skin color brings to mind images of a friendly ghost, platinum and white gold will perfectly complement your color. Regardless of skin color, white gold and platinum are sure to shine.

Although platinum is divine and white gold is stunning, your engagement ring and wedding band are a representation of your personal style and taste. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to platinum and shine in yellow gold instead.