Custom Design Made with Family Heirlooms

"Our story started during our freshman year, where we met at a local Long Beach High School back in 2012. From that moment on, we became high school sweethearts. After graduation, we began our long distance romance journey together when Jagger started his career with the Military. The inspiration for our wedding and the design of our rings came from the concept of family. Our wedding was at the beautiful Leoness Cellars Winery in Temecula. Kelley’s parents had a winery wedding in Napa Valley back in 1995, and we always dreamed of doing the same!

Choosing a winery was a way to represent her parents love and commitment. As wineries are passed down within family generations, it also made sense to choose a jewelry store that also encompassed the same generational family traditions. The original ring and diamond was a family heirloom passed down from Kelley's Grandmother and when it came to the concept and design of the ring, we wanted to do something special and knew that Steven Plank and the team at Mark Schneider would design something that came from the heart and would encompass her personality and family traditions while using the gems to keep the family bond connected.

Taking a more modern approach with the rose gold bands that we envisioned and then adding the trio design that honored her Mother's wedding ring, the Schneider team was able to design a truly remarkable wedding piece that represented all three generations. Every diamond was passed down and used in the creation so that the heirloom tradition will continue for our future family. 

And we have to mention this special fact, when we were growing up, we were always singing the original “Dave Schneider” family jingle, so it was even more special once we got a Mark Schneider engagement ring and became a Secret Heart Bride! 'At Mark Schneider's YOU can make diamonds a part of your life!' "


Jagger & Kelley

Raeford, NC

Ring Purchased: Custom Design


Photos courtesy of Megan Florez Photography.



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